Our Story

    Bahama Mama’s  first came to light in 2005  when a mother and her daughter decided to open a gift shop. They offered a variety of clothing, jewelry and gifts at affordable prices. Their amazing flair for decorating and their fun loving personalities really captured customers. It wasn’t long before Bahama Mama's was one of the most popular shopping destinations in Flagler Beach.
    It was 2014 when Bahama Mama’s was acquired by a new owner, Laurie Holtzendorf. She retained the charm and great prices, but started obtaining a larger variety of merchandise, which led to a need for more space.       
    A major transformation for Bahama Mama’s took place in 2018, when it moved oceanfront (150’ South of the Flagler Beach Pier). It boasts a festive new look and has a much wider selection of gifts, clothing and so much more! It even has BICYCLE RENTAL!

About the Owner

    Laurie Holtzendorf has lived in the area for over thirty years. Ironically, her college degree was in Fashion Marketing & Advertising; however, she never did anything remotely related to that. Instead, her love for the ocean kept her in the “marine” industry for many years. It started with boat building and went to a 100 Ton Captains License as well as a career with NOAA (National Oceanic Administration Association). Owning a boutique was something new, but she has embraced it with great passion and endless energy. Her desire to see the world has taken her on many adventures all over the globe. Of course her hobbies include: paddleboarding, kiteboarding, spearfishing, surfing and sailing.  Surprisingly,  she has a love for motorcycles and spent 10 years racing motocross.
        Her favorite saying is:
“We are here for a good time, not a long time”

Meet Stormy

This is "Stormy"

She rides to work in a bicycle basket  (7 miles each way)

She spends a lot of time sleeping in one of her baskets.   Either by the front door or on the "check out" desk.

 She loves attention, so feel free to  give her lovin' anytime!